Sonoma Classic Motorcars

In 1965 emergency flashers were an option, in order to pass MOT we must wire and install a new unit . Type your paragraph here.

In order to pass MOT we must change the existing lights to LED and change the lens to meet the UK requirements. Type your paragraph here.

This is a 1965 Mustang Convertible with a 289 V8 and automatic transmission we procured for a customer in England. The Mustang will  be garaged in France at his vacation residence. ype your paragraph here.

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                           Classic Car Procurement  Service

If the classic American Automobile that you are looking to obtain is not presently on our showroom floor, we can find it for you. With the exception of very few makes and models, if it was made we will find it. Terms and conditions vary based upon the year make and model of the vehicle. Generally an agreed upon budget for the search, service and purchase of the vehicle including all travel and transportation is drafted and signed by both parties. Curtain very rare automobiles may require additional fees do to the extensive research and travel involved in obtaining the vehicle. Our fee is 10% of the purchase price is charged to the buyer, plus expenses and 10% is charged to the seller. Our overseas shipping is door to door, your vehicle will be delivered to your chosen location.