Stripping the frame of all grease, sanding and removing all rust.Type your paragraph here.

We are soaking the cylinders in diesel fuel to get them to release.Type your paragraph here.

​Starting to dismantle.Type your paragraph here.

The engine has been unfrozen, the chassis has been treated with rust preventative, the body has been worked and primed. The body is now resting back on the chassis.Type your paragraph here.

Prior to preforming the body work  and paint we are installing disc brakes all around.Type your paragraph here.

Starting to dismantle.Type your paragraph here.

This is a 1957 Bel Air that we are restoring for a customer in Sonoma county. Type your paragraph here.

​This is a 1963 Cadillac Coupe Deville that we are completeley restoring for a customer in San Francisco.Type your paragraph here.

In this image we have all the trim and are installing disc brakes prior to stripping the body for paint. Type your paragraph here.

This is a 1935 Hillman Wizard brought to us from a customer in San Francisco. We are preforming a complete restoration. This vehicle is one of only 200 produced and was used by the British government during WWIIType your paragraph here.

The body has been removed and we are rebuilding the frozen engine.Type your paragraph here.

At Sonoma Classic Motorcars we offer complete restoration services. If you have classic vehicle and would  like to have it restored please use our contact page to set up a time to discuss. We can also find a classic vehicle of your choice, American or European and restore it to your specifications.TBelow are images of our current projects and their respective status.ype your paragraph here.

This is the bell housing that is attached to the transmission. It is cracked and we will need to weld it together. We have made or repaired the majority of the parts needed for this project as there are very few available.Type your paragraph here.

The owner of the 57 had begun the body work and realized it was just too much. In this image we have ground down the bondo and revealed as much of the raw steel as possible. Type your paragraph here.

Dismantling the transmissionType your paragraph here.

​This is a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 that we procured and are restoring for a customer in Sonoma CountyType your paragraph here.

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